Warsaw 16 apr 2018

Why going to the concerts is mandatory?


This Saturday I approved my theory of compulsory going to the artists’ concerts, which you listen to on repeat. I liked it so much, that I decided to remind and encourage everyone to go to the concerts of their loved artists.

Reasons why you have to go to the concerts:

1) You see singer(s) in real life, and sometimes you can even hold a terrific conversation right behind the stage after the concert ends.

2) You see all the involved instruments and start disassembling the melody by each of the instrument with visual help. I guarantee you, that it can surprise you how many things you were not noticing while listening to the song, before going to the concert.

3) You can free your mind under the loud, clear and harmonious live music, and let your body do the rest.

4) The concert is also a good reason to visit a new city and study it before and on the night after the concert, already with the people you met on it. I visited almost all cities in Poland thanks to the concerts, where I met people from all over the world with whom we shared unforgettable moments.

5) People listen to the same music have a lot in common, since a music is a big part of our life, people who have similar tastes with us, imperceptibly get closer to each other. As we do many things with music in our ears, it’s easy to understand what is a mood of a person, based on their musical preferences and so on.

6) There is a tendency right now, that we try to distinguish ourselves through underground or unpopular music, but when you meet these strange as you 30 people, appeared at the concert in the small basement enjoying soul-breaking music and the vibe, you find each other after the concert very similar in many views on the world.

7) A concert is a great place to splash your energy while listening to the improvisation of the artist, which you will never find recorded because every time it is unique.

To conclude, never refuse an opportunity to go to the concert, because it is not only about the music, but as I see it, it is more about the vibe, the energy and the atmosphere in which you dive and dissolve yourself.


Also, write in the comments, what do you think about constant recording the concert on the smartphone instead of just enjoying it?

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