Warsaw 28 sep 2015

Why choose Warsaw?  – The summer lifestyle


In the middle of my summer holidays, I came back to Warsaw. I was hosted by an Indian friend from Kozminski University, Arpit, in the city center.IMG_5759

As I just had landed from Japan, the culture shock was strong at the beginning. The population, the habits of people, their behavior, their way of dressing-up; all of that was different. I was even looking for Japanese people and language. It also took me some days to answer in polish whenever I was ask something. Polish smiled at me when I was approving something by saying « Hai » instead of « Tak » or « No »; but it was in a cute way and responses were always with smiles.

But no disturbing change had happened in my beloved city, and, the good weather helping, I spend lots of time outside, in parks or on Nowy Swiat, to see the people and feel the great holiday atmosphere of Warsaw in summer. This aspect of the city was new for me and I was delighted to be there.

On 1st of August, I could feel again the strength of the polish pride and memory. The emotion spreading on this event, on this day and the fact that the entire city stops was extremely impressive for me. It is one of the thing that I like the most there: polish people and cities will always impress you, they have their own ways to do so.

Then I went on a (re)discovery of the capital’s restaurants: from italian, to greek, to french, to indian, to polish; from salty to sweet; from beer to smoothie. Trust me, after 4 months in Asia, one truly appreciate all of this. So did I.

The best thing is that most of the restaurants have terrace where you can sit and chill outside, enjoying the warm sun.

Another thing on my schedule was a bit more cultural: I visited the Warsaw Jewish Museum on a sunday (Each museum have one week day free entry). A cheaper but maybe not smarter choice, as there was a lot, lot of people. It made it a bit more difficult to enjoy all super attractions.IMG_5767

I also took the time to go green by visiting parks including the most famous one: Lazienki park. It was hot but shadows were giving the opportunity to stay outside, lying down playing or reading a summer book. If your brave enough to defy the weather, you can always go there by bike, using Veturilo (#beactive) ;)


If it is really too hot or rainy, there are other activities that one can do: go to cinema, shopping or games like escape rooms: For a more concrete list, check out the rest of the blog!!

Taking time to live and enjoy those small moments is part of a lifestyle one should carefully be conscious about.

I simply love Warsaw and I consider it my home. I wish all our newcomers to perceive it like I do!



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  1. @Letty : In my case, it was difficult for me to greet someone in Polish after spending 3 months of summer in India :) I understand you haha :)

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