Poland 24 mar 2015

Weekends in Krakow


Krakow is that kind of city which you should visit during studying in Poland.

It is one of the largest and oldest cities in poland. People used to call Krakow as Polish cultural center. For me this city has some special spirit of this country. You probably may say that all old towns in Poland are pretty much the same. Well, maybe…But Krakow has one thing which you will never find elsewhere – its own atmosphare.



The easiest way to get there is to use bus (Polskibus is my favoriate one). There are a lot of buses going from Warsa daily. Finding a place for night is also not big deal. In the city center a lot of hostels and hotels are located.  The cost of meal, transportation, hoteal a pretty the same as in Warsaw. A lot of useful information are availiable on the www.krakow-info.com (events, historical places, pubs etc).


A lot of tourist are  visting  Krakow every day. There are plenty of interesting museums, castles and historical places. Even if sometimes listening about history can be boring , great view is always around. In the Old Town you can buy traditional food, accessories, clothes, traditional everything :) When it becomes warmer people play music there, reading poems and trying to show Polish traditions.


Traditional food is also very important aspect of the trip. Traditional sausages and cheese from mountains should be definitely tried.



Nevertheless, spending weekends in Krakow is a very good option to learn something more about Poland. This city evokes great emotions,which is hard to forget.

turcja_krakow_forumPhoto by: culture.pl

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  1. Definitely agree with you :) Visited Krakow recently and learnt a lot about the Polish culture & heritage :D

  2. Krakow is one of my favourites in Poland! If you are an exchange student for sure you should visit it! You will find a lot of beautiful places and views there!

  3. Yeah Krakow is such a nice city. The old town is definitely better than in Warsaw.

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