Warsaw 17 may 2015

Wedel Museum


Yesterday was the “Night of Museums” here in Warsaw.

Due to my hectic schedule I was unfortunately unable to go. Though in previous years I showed up regularly to such events.

Essentially all of the museums in Warsaw were free for everyone yesterday and the program offer was much more extensive than normal.

I decided to interview my friend, Jakub Zieba about his trip and thoughts about going to the WEDEL museum.

The program on their WEBSITE was listed as being: (their FB page)

  • A short Hello and welcome with a short history of Wedel (along with a small chocolate gift) at the office of Jan Wedel (the founder)
  • Looking at the internal aspect of the work area
  • Looking at the production line of the products
  • The groups will be lead by Magda Kolodziejska – the communicatin leader at Wedel
  • Only 20 people are allowed at a time


Due to the low number of people allowed did you have to wait in a long que?

YES! My friends were in line at 1 pm and we got in around 7 pm but it was totally worth it!


What was most interesting for you?
Hmm it’s hardly question because I’ve seen a lot of different exhibits, but if I must choose one… I loved the fact that there was a model made entirely out of chocolate of how they used to deliver it to customers. It was great and looked tasty.


Would you recommend it for foreigners?
This museum is only open 3 times a year for visitors, so there are always lines. Inside it’s full of sculptures made of chocolate, including doors, windows, pictures and toys (and much much more).

IMG_0929Yesterday, we were able to eat and try a lot of different chocolate and the smell is indescribable. (How do you describe the smell of “deliciousness”)

An added feature yesterday was that these two girls were dressed up and it added to the atmosphere.


Do you eat Wedel chocolate normally?
Of course I do, this is Poland’s national chocolate. Though I think the owner isn’t Polish anymore but it is still produced in Poland, and when I choose this chocolate that’s important to me! But the most important argument for me is that I love the smell and the sound that the chocolate makes when you break it open and of course the sweet flavor mmm I’m LOVIN IT!IMG_0920

Would you go again?

Yes, but not during the free museum night, though it was free standing line was a bit much for me. Loads of people and a lot of excited children were around.
IMG_0909 IMG_0905

Why did you choose Wedel over other museums?
I didn’t choose it but my sweetheart (my amazing girlfriend) did. I woke up that morning and was told that we MUST go to Wedel… so we did and I’m glad.


What’s your favourite museum in Warsaw?

My favorite museum is Centrum Nauki Kopernik but yesterday I was told about a huge part of Polish chocolate history. – so all in all, I’m glad I went (even despite the long lines)


Thanks Kuba for sitting down with me and inputing all your info!

I hope you all enjoyed my interview… and let me know…

What’s YOUR favourite museum in Warsaw??

Note: Photos were taken by Jakub!!

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  1. Nice post! You definitely convinced me to go there.
    My favourite museum is the one with an ‘Invisible Exhibition’ – you can see the world from the different perspective by using other senses than the eyesight :)

  2. Chocolate <3 I wasn't aware of this museum before I read your article!

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