Warsaw, Warsaw Events 13 feb 2019

Warsaw Coffee Festival 2019 in review


I entered the Palace of Culture and was covered by coffee smell immediately. Even to the entrance were 20 meters left. I chose a correct strategy not to drink a coffee before, because in 2 hours I tasted around 14 different coffees in the equivalent of 5 cups at least. The entrance of 10 zl was already paid off. However, there is more. 

Dialogues with passionate baristas, coffee producers, experts in coffee roasting. Spoke with founders of handcrafted tools for coffee machines made of wood and with the representative of Illy, now I know for sure that it’s an Italian brand. I got to know the difference between 4-5 minutes of roasting 150 kg within huge coffee producers to 12-15 minutes with careful control over the roasting process for small  coffee house.
Also, did you know that Germany is the only country charging taxes for coffee roasting (2,5 EUR per 1kg)?

Finally, I’ve seen roasted beans, here they are.

It was a perfect place to gain new knowledge, find new passionate people like you about coffee and the place to hang out with your friends.

This is a tip for those who want to describe coffee.

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