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How To Wake Up On Cold Winter Mornings



Every Polish student knows this lazy feeling in the morning: it is so hard to stand up and start the day. It is true that temperature and light hаve a direct impаct on our body rhythm in the winter extremes, but we must do something to encourage ourselves to leave our warm and comfortable bed. Winter is coming and it is much easier to snuggle deep into the covers when the sun’s rays make their way through the window. I have found pretty effective ways to wake up. Moreover, I would like to share my experience with you with a few tips.

  • Set the alarm clock across the room – the first and a quite obvious way to get out of the bed. Just turn on the alarm and set it somewhere so that you will need to stand up to turn it off. Also it should ring periodically (for example every 5-10 minutes).
  • Drink a glass of water. It helps my body stay awake. Additionally, I always feel better and full of energy.
  • Wash with cool water. Believe me, instead of wrapping yourself in bathrobe and drinking a cup of coffee (of course you can drink some coffee, but a little bit later) just take a shower as soon as possible. The water for sure will wake you.
  • Do not go to sleep again. The biggest mistake in the morning is try to sleep 5 minutes more (which inevitably turns into forty-five).
  • Remind yourself about things you have to do. Try to fix the “to do” list in your mind and it will be harder to relax and get back to sleep again.
  • Ask your friend to do it with you. So simple; just ask your friend to write you in the morning. It is really useful when you do not want to stand up or go somewhere. For example, I always feel a responsibility to motivate my friends – they may stay at home if I did not write to them.


All in all, one of the most important things is to be happy!!! I wish you to meet every morning with a smile and always feel yourself full of energy! Finally, keep warm, yourself and your loved ones.

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  1. I keep having a huge problem with waking up in the cold days,thank you for those tips <3

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