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“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”-Ibn Battuta. 

Ich lade Sie auf eine Reise nach Wien ein

Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, and the city with the highest quality of life .The breathtaking city which remained almost not destroyed after the War and keeps a lot of smells of ancient times. This travelling will bring you to the several centuries back.

Thinking about Vienna , such words come to my minds:

Beautiful heavy architecture
While going through Vienna, you will able to observe huge, old buildings, which strikes by their beauty. Even tiny cafes are situated in such building, thus sitting inside giving you the feeling of being not in 21th century , but somewhere in 18-19th.
Building worth seeing: Parlament, Museum twins, University of Vienna, Rathaus

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I was really shocked with the number of park in Vienna, moreover all of them are huge. The most important thing for Austrians is life, that is why they try to spend the majority of their time outside with their families. Hence, do not be surprised with the number of people in park, for instance just relaxing and enjoying the nature.

Parks worth to be visited: Stadtpark, Volksgarden, Burggarden, Schlosspark



One of the most famous Vienna’s landmark gothic cathedral. The place to see the stunning panorama of Vienna. Do not miss your chance, spent your 5€ either for going up by the lift or overcoming a distance of 343 steps.

Tasty Vienna 
The national Austrian dish is Schnitzel, thus this country is for meat lovers. Visit the Café de l’Europe to feel yourself as a real Austrian.IMG_1619

But do not be worry if you do not love meat, you will also find something tasty. The cake Zacher, the traditional cake in Austria. I can ensure you that you will go bananas of it. Go to Aida. Beautiful cafe with cozy atmosphere.

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Some other expenses are public transport. The metro is the best way to go through the city. It is convenient and you can get to any distinction by subway. The ticket costs 16€ for the whole week, the best choice to travel around the city without any afraid. My advice: do not try to have a free ride:)

Some other interesting aspects in Vienna:

Places for breakfast

Breakfast is the main ingestion of the day. The start of the day has to be second to noon. Visit next places to enjoy morning Vienna.
1. Marks (Neustiftgasse 82)
Ranked #6 for the restaurants in Vienna

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2. Ulrich (St. Ulrichs Platz 1)
Ranked #2 for the restaurant in Vienna

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3. Amerlingbeisl (Stiftgasse 8)
Ranked #2 for the cafes in Vienna
The place to feel yourself our of big rush city

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Small cute thing to be noticed
Vienna has unusual traffic lights which I have never seen in any other cities.
The last important point

…is what to present to your friend after exiting traveling. There are two best variants, either waffles or sweets. In any case my friends were happy with such souvenirs.

The Original Neapolitan Wafers are Manner’s classic and best selling product and have become a symbol of Viennese culture and lifestyle. Manner’s beloved wafers have been a part of Austrians lives for many generations.


A Mozartkugel (English: Mozart ball), is a small, round confection made of marzipan, nougat and dark chocolate. It was originally known as the “Mozartbonbon”.


In conclusion, I may state that all places are checked by myself, hence you will receive a lot of pleasure !

Holidays are close, use your time for traveling !

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  1. Such a nice post! I am going to Vienna in 3 days- thanks for advices :D

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