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Veturilo: Being Fit when you don’t have time

Veturilo in Warsaw

Veturilo in Warsaw

Going to Gym? I don’t have time for that! I spend my days running from place A to place B to place C etc. Of course I could go in the evening, but I am so tired after the whole day so I rather sleep or watch a movie.

However I really needed to practice, even just a bit. So I follow an external (and great) advice to take Veturilo bikes to move in Warsaw. Ok, it took me 6 month to assume that it was a good advice, but still, after 1 week of practice, I feel much better.

Basically I follow the rules of my body and of external factors: if I am too tired or if it is raining, I will take the tramway/buses. However, I am trying to, once a day, make one way school-home by bike.

Living in the city center, I usually take 45 minutes to go to school. 35 minutes by bike!

Plus, and this is a BIG PLUS, it is super easy! Warsaw has kilometers of bike roads and Veturilo stations are mostly everywhere (around 200 stations) .There is 2926 bikes around the city. How to use them in 5 steps:

  • Create an account on (5 minutes, in English)
  • Make a transfer of money (5 minutes, 10 zloty minimum)
  • Go to a Veturilo station (5 minutes? Depends on where you are)
  • Enter your phone number, pin and number of the bike (3 minutes, in English as well)
  • Here you go!

Before taking a bike, check if you can move and block the sit AND if the gear is working. Usually drivers are really paying attention to bikes in Warsaw and in my opinion the most “dangerous” road is Nowy Swiat Street with all buses, bumpy road and pedestrian.

7 YES to Veturilo:

  • YES, Be Pro-active with your time and for your body
  • YES, workout outside in fresh air
  • YES, don’t wait at the bus station, freezing
  • YES, the first 20 minutes are free of charges
  • YES, first 1 hour = 1 zloty
  • YES, bikes are available 24/7
  • YES, if you still have a doubt or a question, their hotline is also in English!!


If I can do it (me=lazy + not sportive), so do you!

Veturilo bikes are available from March to end of November, so you have time to work out! Don’t get sick: take a hat, gloves and scarf when it’s cold!


I usually bike:

  • Morning: from Nowy Świat– Plac Zamkowy – Muranowska – Most Gdanski – Rondo Starzyńskiego
  • Afternoon: from Rondo Starzyńskiego – Zoo – Park Praski – Stare Miasto – Nowy Świat

Maybe you can join him!


For any questions, contact me or check:

5 Responses to “Veturilo: Being Fit when you don’t have time”

  1. Oh my lord! This one is authentically helpful since my roommate is going to rent a bicycle right away!

  2. I think this is one of the best pictures on the blog so far… :) cutest kitty ever! :)
    Fun fact: you can take the Verturilo bike almost all the way to Kozminski University right now! Maybe we can convince them to open up a station right in front of our Uni!

  3. With the beautiful weather we have those days, everyone should enjoy it !
    I really hope they will put a station near the school soon, I always have to stop before and take a tram for 2 stops only :(

  4. I personally think everyone should try the cycling trail in Kampinoski Park Narodowy which is a national park on the north-west outskirts of Warsaw.

  5. I used this service so many times last summer. It was awesome! :) Much more fun than taking the bus. Though, I did get a bike once that was broken (didn’t realize until later) so now I check the bike before I leave the station!

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