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Christmas traditions in Ukraine


You would like to diversify your Christmas celebrating? This post will help you to have your heart set on new tradition and maybe you will add some of them to your way of celebrating.

Adults and children are waiting impatiently for Christmas. It brings us happiness, pleasure and sweets. It surrounds us with our family and gives hope for light future. However, do you know how to celebrate it ?

According to Christians believes, Christmas is the day of Jesus, Savior of the World birth.

The celebration starts on the 6th of January with preparing a national dish-Kutia. If you want to prepare it , go on this link . But Kutia is only a one dish among 12. It goes without saying, this dish have to be eaten first, after a bid fast (from the 27th of November to the 6th of January), only then you may keep up eating more valuable food.


The main condition is all have to be really tasty. You may ask why 12 dished have to be cooked? It symbolize 12 months of the year. And not less important fact, the owner of the house have to start having a meal first. Moreover, recalling about 12 dishes, which have to be present in the table, here is a list of them:1. Kutia; 2. Beet borsch(soup); 3. Fried fish; 4. Herring appetizer; 5. Cabbage rolls fulfilled with meet; 6. Boiled or deep fried dumplings; 7. Baked potato with garlic; 8. Braised cabbage with mushrooms; 9. Ukrainian bread (Kolach); 10. Pancakes with cheese; 11. Doughnuts filled with jam; 12. Dried fruit compote.

Next symbol of these holiday is a Christmas tree, covered with a deal of light, toys and even sweets. You may see it either on the center of the city or on each house.


Christmas is an impeccable holiday for kids, all of them are waiting for their long-expected present. In addition, despite gifts , children are dreaming for one more thing , going through the city with Vertep. It is a moving theatre which shows the birth of Jesus with a lot of characters. The main role is given to the holder of Christmas star.


Unfortunately , a lot of traditions have gone through the time , but in any case each Ukrainian celebrates Christmas in family circle, with cozy atmosphere and will help with glad pleasure foreigners to get acquainted to Ukrainian traditions.

I wish you the best for Christmas; joy, health and a heart full of happiness! Merry Christmas!

How do you celebrate Christmas/the holiday season in your country?

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