Kozminski Insider 11 jan 2016

Trip to Cracow


Your beloved ESN section organized an awesome trip to Kraków last month (16-18.10.2015)


We spent three amazing days there all together, the trip to Cracow was a great way to integrate all of our international students. 93 people took part in the trip and it was a great opportunity for them to learn more about Polish history and see other parts of Poland. We visited the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Auschwitz-Birkenau and we did a guided tour around Cracow. We organized epic parties in the hostel,clubs and, of course, we maintained our tradition the Legendary Tram Party!


Party in Local Club

Everyone had fun! It was a real pleasure to be in Cracow with our International students. Thank you all for participating and we hope you enjoyed the trip!


(pictures from Lokal Club, Hugo Melaine)

ESN Kozminski Team


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