Kozminski Insider 02 apr 2016

Trip to Cracow 2016


After an amazing Orientation week in Warsaw, the official capital of Poland, we took it to the cultural capital of Poland – Cracow, to spread the spirit of ESN Kozminski!

First of all big props to everyone who took part in the trip to Cracow with ESN Kozminski. It definitely was an unforgettable three days spent together full of different experiences. We got to see the beautiful city and rich history of Cracow. We have also traveled to Wieliczka to the unique salt mines. Something you can both look at and taste by licking. And I am sure all of us needed that healthy salt enriched air after the night before.  But most important of all we got to visit Auschwitz concentration camp which is the biggest piece of Polish history and history of World War II. It is definitely a place to visit and we are proud that we had the courage to do so.


Of course when it comes to partying there is no doubt you, our exchange students, are the best people to party with. We have been to two different clubs which was lots of fun. But I am sure all of us can agree that once again the best parties are ESN Kozminski exclusive parties where all of you get combined together and there is no one who can stop you. And when it comes to them the Legendary Tram Party is easily on top of the list. You guys party like nobody else!



We hope that our exchange students left Cracow with the desire to come back to discover what else the city has to offer. We hope that you left eagerly waiting for our next trip! We at ESN Kozminski certainly cannot wait to travel with you more!


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