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Trip to Brussels


I am sure, that every student of our University wants to go somewhere to look deeply into culture of different countries and, of course, to have an adventure.

That is why I decided to tell you about my experience travelling alone to Brussels and give recommendations about places of interest and other things.

Some important tips:

  • Wizzair and Ryanair flights arrive to Brussels Charleroi Airport (it is around one hour from the city); the best way to go is to buy the ticket to shuttle by the internet (it is 14 euros round up – pretty cheap)
  • Tickets for any type of transport are quite expensive (2,50 euros for one way ticket for inside vehicle and 2,10 for outside vehicle)
  • All the most interesting places are located close to each other; it is possible to go through all of them without using any transport.
  • Look carefully at the price of chocolate or other things (one chocolate bar costs 4-5 euros, but five chocolate bars cost 9-11 euros, the same with the souvenirs)
  • Near the center there is a street where you can find restaurants of any cuisine of the world (prices are not so high)


In the first hour of my fascinating trip I met two local fellows, who drew me a map of most interesting places and advised me what to buy (do not be afraid to ask people about anything you want, they are always ready to help you). So, here are the list of places and dishes that you need to try:


  1. The Grand Place, Town Hall (Hotel de Ville)

2. Galeries St Hubert

3. Cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule

4. Brussels Stock Exchange

5. Atomium

6. Botanique


Other places

Also you can visit:

the Manneken Pis (for me it was not impressive at all), The Palace of Justice, The Royal Palace and a lot of different museums (tickets everywhere are from 3 euros).

You must to try:

– Belgian waffles (gauffres)

– Belgian chocolate

– Mussels

– Moules-frites / Mosselen-friet

– Speculoos / Speculaas

– Belgian Beer

I hope that this information will help in your trip to Brussels!

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. Great photos.!!

  2. Awesome!

  3. Pictures look AMAZING… though I’m missing! :) Maybe someone will take Leo to Brussels soon!

  4. I adore your photos and I find this post really interesting!

  5. The pictures are so adorable that you convinced me to go there! Magnificent place :)

  6. Thank you!! Hope that you will like Brussels as much as I am ^_^

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