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Top 3 cocktail bars


Where to spend a pleasant evening?
Warm and lazy days are coming so it’s high time you thought about some places to visit. Sometimes we just want to spend a nice time with friends, not going at the party, just sitting, talking and enjoying the moment. Are you eager for having good time with a great cocktail in your hand? This post is for you! I prepared my top 3 places for the Students in Warsaw.

1) First, I would like to recommend you COCTAIL BAR MAX.

It is a special place located at Krucza 16/22. There is one surprising thing about it – there is no menu where you can check the drinks. The point is that the bartender asks you what you like and what is your mood today. They mix the ingredients especially for you and – believe me or not – it is DEICIOUS. They are professionals!
However, if you want to go there in the evening then it’s better to book the table. Just to make sure that you won’t stay in the queue to get the sit.
Here are some photos taken from their fanpage on facebook:

This is how it looks like from the outside

There is a wide variety of ingredients… :)

The cocktails based on ice


Looking great, aren’t they?

Would you like to see more pictures? Join their official facebook account Coctail Bar Max.
Don’t forget to check their Instagram account.

2) My second ‘MUST VISIT’ cocktail bar is ZAMIESZANIE.
This is a magnificent place located at Nowy Świat 6/12. They offer delicious lemonades that are famous all around Warsaw.
However, their bartenders are high-qualified and they know what to do for you. Of course, at first they let you taste it so that you can tell them what is missing and so on. The cocktails are served in jars and this is the thing that makes this place different that the others.
Check their fanpage on Facebook – ‘Zamieszanie-cocktail bar‘ to receive more details.

Don’t overlook the ceiling made of bottles!

The lemonades I told you about


This is how it looks from the inside

When it’s not opened

When there are ‘some’ people

Here we have a cocktail!

All the photos were taken from their official facebook accout.


3) The last but DEFINITELY not least – SHEESHA LOUNGE.

This amazing place is located in the city centre – at Aleje Jerozolimskie 33.
Of cource it’s famous mostly because of the sheesha that they offer but believe me that they have AWESOME cocktails.
You won’t regret going there -> check their Facebook account.
Now I will show some photos taken from their Facebook fanpage. Wanna see more? Visit them!

Looking from the outside it looks like that

There is also a nice ‘garden’

Let’s come inside!

Finally I can show you the first cocktail

The next one

Like a rainbow :)

Another proposition

I hope that I helped you with finding a perfect place to chill. Enjoy your evenings!

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  1. Great post! I will definitely try those bars :)

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  3. Awesome post!

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