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Top 3 Cafés in Warsaw



Just to understand how much I like coffee it takes minimum 5% of my monthly budget;
minimum two cups per day and few favourite places which help me to survive during weekends, while I’m not at Uni or work. My top 3 I want to share with you since finding a proper coffeehouse with delicious coffee and music is not always that easy.

Proces Kawki – Let’s start with my favourite one at this moment.
I’ve been observing their development from the second week of the opening.
It’s hard to describe, but every week I’ve been visiting them, I was discovering something new, new items in the menu, new couches, posters, products testing, new items of decor and more. For example, I didn’t visit them for a week and now they are serving Glint wine, new gingerbreads and one more sort of coffee. Every visit makes my day better and it became a new meeting point for my friends and me.

Definite advantages of this coffee place:
Really-really good coffee, since they roast coffee themselves
A lot of places and every corner has a different atmosphere, table and “comfort zone”
Extremely nice owners, passionate about coffee and who are almost all the time at the Café interacting and listening to the clients, what is displayed in constant development of this place.
+ big open space during spring-autumn in front of the entrance.

☕ Location:
Proces Kawki, ul. ks. I. Kłopotowskiego 23/25
☲ Facebook:
❤ Instagram:

Best combination of music and coffee.
Place where I shazamed lots of artists and once, after the song I heard in this coffeehouse I travelled to another city to the concert the next day and it was one of the best concerts in my life. Oh, and just awesome baristas!

☕ Location:
Hałas — Praga Północ Ul. Jagiellońska 30, Warszawa 03-719
☲ Facebook:
❤ Instagram:

STOR – a place for those who appreciate not only coffee but also delicious sweets. Cosy environment, not a lot of space, however bigger than the coffee place above, cool view from the Café.

☕ Location:
Tamka 33, Warszawa 00-355
☲ Facebook:
❤ Instagram:


Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your favourite Café!
Let’s share only best coffee vibes ;)

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