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Top 10 reasons to study at Kozminski University


Life at the Uni presented in bullet points.
Have you ever been wondering WHAT makes our University so unique? Here is the answer! (from my perspective anyway) :)


1. Multicultural background

Kozminski University is educating people from ALL OVER THE WORLD. It connects all cultures which makes the Uni so special. You can get to know many various traditions and mores.

2. Practical and global approach

Our professors pass on knowledge which is not only theoretical but also very practical. By working in the groups and solving case studies, you gain some significant skills like creativity, extraordinary thinking and cooperation.

3. Self-realization

If you want to establish a START-UP, our Uni is the best choice. You will can gain the necessary knowledge from the very first moment in your academic life. Our staff is ready to help you and give some advice!
What is more,Kozminski provdes you many Sceince Clubs that you can join. Except those ones, you can get invloved into marketing actions by signing up to the New Media Club, created by our Social Media Specialist and alumni – Justyna Sidor.
Honestly, I totally recommend you this one as you can be a #studentsinwarsaw blogger and so on. It will help you to develop yourself, improve your language skills and network!

4. New languages

As it is an international school, we have many regular and incoming students from different countries. Therefore you can learn new languages by talking to them and to reach this goal you shoul sign up to be the member of Erasmus Student Network! ESN is all about integrating international students by organizing some events like Tandem Courses. You just go for the weekly meetings and learn as many languages as you wish!

5. Events

We know how to combine business with pleasure. That is why we organize many cultural events. Of course, our Student Council knows how to PARTY so don’t miss keep up to date with their fanpage!

6. Sport

The Kozminski Sport Club  cares about your health and strength! Join the many various groups like: Aerobics, Basketball for Men and for Women, Table tennis, Swimming, American Football and many many others!



7. You are a person, not just a number

What is so special at Kozminski University is the fact that staff are always there to help you. It doesn’t matter how silly is your question, they are ready to answer!
Don’t hesitate, ask for a help!

8. Global rankings

Kozminski University reaches the highest positions in many rankings!

9.  LEO

We have the best mascot you could have ever seen! Our Leo is simply the best!


10. The Atrium

The most famous place to spend the breaks at. You can find here place to sit and talk, some food and super delicious COFFEE!
What is more, it is being renovated right now so be prepared for the changes. It will look totally different soon!


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  1. yes yes yes <3 totally agree, love kozminski uni

  2. @Alicja : Nicely put :)

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