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The best BARS in Warsaw


Do you fancy a fancy drink?

One of the most frequently asked question connected with staying in Warsaw is

Where do you recommend to go out for a drink? 

As Warsaw is a great city to go out with many special places worth seeing, I decided to answer this popular question and write a post about it. This is the list of my top 10 spots to have a drink or even a dinner:


The bar is located on the corner of Wilcza and Krucza streets in the city centre. The legend (that I heard from a friend) says that the name comes from a simple word COCKTAIL – in Polish KITA KOGUTA means cock’s tail.

What we can expect from this place? Very unique menu, professional barmans, chill atmosphere, live acts, nice music, customized drinks.

OPEN HOURS:    MON – TUE 6pm-12pm    FRI – SUN 6pm – 2am        Krucza 6/14




A place located just next to the famous palm tree – perfect spot to choose when you don’t know the city well or when you have more plans later. The bar offers unique craft beers and untypical colorful drinks. You can also have a pizza here. Nice view of the palm and Nowy Świat is a big plus.

OPEN HOURS:   MON – TUE 5pm – 12pm   FRI – SUN  5pm – 3am        Nowy Świat 6/12



My number one during summer season – even the name says that (NA LATO – FOR SUMMER)! This spot has a very unique atmosphere – you can take a place inside or sit on a lawn chair in the garden. The drinks served are very delicious, barmans are very professional. You can also have some snacks and a little party on the weekend with a dancefloor. You can easily meet foreigners here, many languages are being spoken. My favourite drink is called PORNSTAR and is usually accompanied by prosecco shot.

FANPAGE    Rozbrat 44A



4. LEVEL 27

One of the best clubs in Warsaw offers a great drinks in a reasonable price! What more you need to have a memorable night? Maybe a view of Warsaw by night from 27th floor? Here you got it… In the eveninings you can have a nice date with your spouse and at later ours you can both get crazy on the dancefloor. Level 27 has plenty to offer.





Small bar on Mazowiecka Street – perfect place to visit just before getting into the craziness of Warsaw nightlife! The bars’ specialty are SHOTS – there is a huge list of them to choose. Some of them are classics but most of them can be very suprising or even entertaining (FIRE!!!). Everything at a very cheap price.

Mazowiecka 9


6. KUFLE I KAPSLE multitap bar

Typical craft beer pub in the city centre! If you are a beer connoisseur it is a “must visit” place for you!

OPEN HOURS: MON – FRI from 2pm  SAT-SUN  from 12am   Nowogrodzka 25



One of my favourite restaurants (great lunches at price of only 25PLN with dessert and drink included!) is also my favourite bar – drinks offered in menu are often a suprising combination served in a very professional way and in affordable price! What more? The place is located in the straight city centre (near Novotel hotel) and turns into a nightclub at night with top polish DJs and place to dance.

OPEN HOURS:  MON – THUR 12am – 12pm  FRI-SAT 12am-4am  SUN 12am-10pm    Żurawia 32/34



8. KAROWA 31

This place is a legend itself. When I first went there I thought I got lost – but to find out why you need to go there by yourself! The bar is very big and cosy place – perfect for a date or meeting with friends! Barmans are very passionate and professional. The place has a great vibe, foreigners are more than welcomed :) Downstairs there is also another bar with a dancefloor and great DJs. Located near Nowy Świat / Old Town.

FANPAGE   Karowa 31




Very traditional and very Polish spot. You can have a shot of vodka and even one of the typical Polish snacks. The specialty of the place is cytrynówka – lemon vodka. Prices are very low and this bar is a chain so you can easily visit this bar in all party places in Warsaw.


It’s not a bar, it’s an area full of bars. No kidding. Hard to count them but it is even tougher to name them all. The most famous ones are shisha bar and Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa. You can easily have a beer here, surprising shots or even a kebab. It’s a “must see” place on the party map of Warsaw.

Nowy Świat, entrance next to Carrefour


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  1. I love this Article! Thank you Róża :) Now I know which places are the best to go for a drink :)

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