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A taste of Ukrainian cuisine : U Siostr


Each time that I go somewhere to study or work, my parents take this opportunity to come visit. I guess it is one of the perks of having a child studying abroad! Warsaw was no different and my parents and brother came to visit after the Easter break. I took them on a tour of the city, but especially a tour of the restaurants. Banjaluka was the first, and we at last tried U Siostr.

Since I lived in Ukraine, and that my parents had the opportunity to travel there, they really wanted to have some Ukrainian food here in Warsaw. After asking Ukrainians friends about places here in Warsaw, we chose to go to U Siostr.


Ukrainian restaurant

U Siostr offers traditional Ukrainian cuisine with all the typical dishes, and my own favorites. In Ukraine, I learned that for family meals, everything is on the table and you just help yourself. We therefore did the same and took over 6 different dishes, which I advise you to do in order to try as much as possible (they offer the option to serve half-portions too)

We got Pielmieni, little Russian style ravioli with meat, Vareniki, the Ukrainian version of Pierogi (potatoes, cabbage, but different somehow), deroni with mushrooms, which are onion & potato pancakes, salad Olivier and my all time favorite Goluptsi.

Goluptsi are cabbage rolls filled with a stuffing made of minced meat and rice, steam cooked in a bit of tomato sauce, and the result is just very very tasty.

Plus, you can try typical homemade beverages, compot, a dried-fruit juice and Kvas, a wheat beverage very popular in Ukraine).

Ukrainian food 2

Being at U Siostr made me feel like being back in Ukraine, and a restaurant with makes you travel is one you should definitely visit.

In terms of prices, it was very affordable. For all we got, we paid less than 50€, and the portions were really big !

Plus, a really nice thing about U Siostr and its location is that right in front you can go and see one of the last standing part of the Warsaw Ghetto !

Once you’ve visited, let me know how you liked it and what was your favorite ! :)

Infos :

U Siostr

Zlota, 63 (near Al. Jana Pawla II)

Website here with online menu

(Photo credits :U Siostr & Alban Lévêque)

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  1. The food looks so delicious :)

  2. The food is great there !

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