Warsaw 25 feb 2016

Sweet spot – Crepe Cafe


In such a grey weather outside everyone wants some colors, sit in a cozy and warm place and certainly eat something sweet or just tasty. I know a lot of wonderful places in Warsaw and want to share you one of them. It is a Crepe Cafe located on Dobra 19, which is pretty close to Biblioteka Uniwersytecka and Zajęcza bus station. It is one of the most lovely pancake places, where you can find waffles with different fillings and crepes/pancakes.
I was kindly allowed to make a couple of pictures of the interior, so you can see how the place looks inside. I think, that this place harmoniously combines a light atmosphere and brigh delicious meals.

Also, here you can see the menu of the Crepe Cafe.

Hope, that you will like this place and I opened for you something lovely. Enjoy your time in the beautiful and nice city of Warsaw!

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  1. O M G, I have to go there! I’m in love with pancakes!!!

  2. You will love it for sure!)

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