Careers 03 jul 2015

(Summer) Internships


Hello career people! (or students looking to start their career) 

Looking for a great internship? Thinking that it is finally time to intern in summer?

Our amazing Kozminski Career Center is a great place to have a first look at. This webpage has a lot of offers:

Some of the partners that KU has are the following:

KU Partners

Furthermore, we are able to get council and some constructive feedback on our CVs…

Depending on your major, there may actually be the possibility to get a favored application procedure… So it’s worth researching within the KU network!!!

As I am a finance and AML major, I (together with several others) got the great opportunity to intern all summer in CITI Banks AML department. (For those of you that don’t know AML = Anti Money Laundering) I was a bit worried before getting my internship this summer but right now I’m excited to be finished my exams and to experience this internship! I hope to gain more knowledge about the banking sector and I know that this is a welcome addition to my CV.

Thanks KU!!!


KU Career Screenshot

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  1. Thanks! Very useful information. Good luck with your intern :)

  2. Good piece of information for many of us indeed! =)

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