Kozminski Insider, Videos 28 jul 2015



Last week I spent some time with our students preparing a video. What was it about? Let me show you;)

One of my friends from the Uni saw this advertisement by Pampers


… and thought that somehow expressions on the babies’ faces are similar to those students make during their studies before the exams;)

Therefore, we began!

At the very beginning, our bossy director Justyna showed us the idea.




It was funny to watch the students practice jumping up and down :)



I got kissed by lovely girls and I really enjoyed it!


After doing some filming outside, we went to the library. They were shooting…



And shooting…


And again shooting…


And I got really tired…


But in the end, it was worth it!

See for yourself!:)

What do you think? Any of these faces look familiar to you?


2 Responses to “#studyface”

  1. It was an amazing experience to take part in this project! :)

  2. Great video :) Absolutely loved it :)

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