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Study strategies : 10 tips


Being in my final and fifth year of studies, I must say that I have come up with some routine when it comes to studying for finals. That you study in France, the UK, or here in Kozminski, it is the same, you cannot escape it. So better to be prepare and know how to do it. Some tips I heard from professors, or I read on magazines, but some I came up with throughout the years. Of course, what works for me might not work for you, but those tips may help you develop your own study strategy. Let me tell you mine then :

1. Set up a working environment – ideally tidy your desk, organize your classes, print what needs to be printed and download all the material you need, so everything is easily accessible.

2. Prepare a calendar : it helps you visualize your deadlines and organize both your free time and our study time. Plus, it kind of motivates you looking daily at it. Another good thing is to write on a post-its your deadlines, one for each. Believe me, taking one down is always a good feeling.

3. Figure out which memory you have. Personally, I learn a lot by writing, so making revision sheets helps me to synthesize, learn the most important. Use colors, it makes everything nicer and more visual.

4. Figure out a playlist for your study period., something smooth and without too many lyrics. Of course, some of you may prefer to be in silence when working, so this one is up to you.

5. Make a timetable for your revision week. Put down at least one or two subjects per day, in order not get bored with it.

Study strategies 10 tips

6. Always start by studying for the last exam that you will have. Why ? Easy. The night before the last one, you may be bored and fed up with studying, and your attention level will be lower. But, if you studied it before, you can just re-read your revisions sheets and be done with it.

7. Know what to do during your study breaks. A good study break should be of 15, 20 min approximately. Do whatever takes your mind of your studying. Personally, I go with dancing in my bedroom, baking a yogurt cake, watching some show or even preparing your holidays. Calling a friend is also a good idea.

8.  For the subjects where you have to do exercises in the exam, in accounting or management control for example, it would be a good idea to have a study group. All of you do the exercise and if you do not manage, someone can explain it to you.

9. Get quizzed : with your study group, you can also quizz yourself on definitions or concepts, it is a good way to test your knowledge and to learn how to formulate an answer.

10. My last tip would be : stop procrastinating ! Take a tea, a chocolate bar and get working. Last minute works for some people, but not for all of us. So better spending a bit of time everyday rather than 2 full days without sleep on it.

A false good idea during your study week is to not see your friends or not communicate with them. Of course, switching Facebook and your phone off is important to help you concentrate, but going for a quick coffee or a drink helps you take your mind of studies and helps you relax a bit.

If you have another tip, don’t hesitate to share it in comments, it may be useful for other students !

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