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How is it to study in Warsaw?


This is about students’ outlook towards Warsaw and Kozminski University taking a multicultural aspect into account.

It is widely known that Warsaw is a multicultural city where people from many various backgrounds feel they have found a peaceful place to live in. In this city there is a special school that connects all cultures and that is why Kozminski University is known as an international place that gives many rich opportunities to develop ourselves through a practical and global approach.

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Speaking about a global mindset I thought that we should hear opinions about Warsaw and Kozminski University straight from the horse’s mouth so I decided to ask our regular and Erasmus international students, what do they think about it.

Marion, Kedge Business School, France

“I am pleasantly surpised with Kozminski and Warsaw in general.
Warsaw is a pleasant city where the students get the opportunity to go
out and fully enjoy their Erasmus life. The associative life in Kozminski
is very present and it only can help us, Erasmus people, to integrate better
at school. I am very pleased I chose Kozminski University to study
abroad and I will surely keep mostly good memories.”

Jan, Kozminski University, Poland

“I am a 3rd year student of the Bachelor in Management at Kozminski University.
I am a huge sports fan, both actively and passively. At the moment I play
for an American Football Team as a wide receiver. What I like about Kozminski
the most, are two things: opportunities and Kozminski Leons. The former could be
proven by the fact that I went to Florida for an exchange for a semester at
the University of Florida. The latter is our American Football Team of which
I am the captain. What is the best thing about that team is the fraternity.
We workout together, party together and hangout together. What we created
here is very special and unique. I fully recommend everyone to find their
passion and to share that passion because it is great to do something you
love, but it is much better to do it with others.”

Rodrigo, CUNEF University, Spain

“Poland is not a standard tourist place to visit, I got the chance to do
my Erasmus here and it have been better than I expected.  Thanks to
that I could have done this amazing trips and discovered the polish
culture and cusine. What I like most about Kozminski University is the
environment over the whole university but specially in the ESN.
The ESN of Kozminski does a great job, not only organizing amazing trips
through Poland and making crazy parties, it does much more things such
as integration tándems and various activities. To sumarize it up, I definetely
don’t regret doing my Exchange program here at Kozminski Uni, for those
things that I’ve mentioned and for much more that is complicated to explain
if you are not a part of this experience.”

Mieke, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany

“I like the Kozminski community feeling. The university is quite
small and you feel like you really become a part of everything as
there are so many events made for students.”

Adam, University of Victoria, Canada

“Studying at Kozminski was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
I enjoyed further developing a global mindset by immersing
myself in a new culture, learning from knowledgeable and
experienced professors, and developing life-long friendships
all around the world. I particularly enjoyed “Tandem Night”
put on weekly by the ESN committee, where I was able to meet
new people and learn new languages over a pint of beer!”

Riccardo, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy

Kozminski University is top! While walking down
the halls you can feel the great atmosphere characterized
by a real sense of community among students from all over
the world.  Social life in Warsaw is second to none, as there
are many events all week long joined by lots of people.
I have to be honest: I wasn’t expecting Warsaw to be such an
amazing city.

Adrian, Kozminski University, Poland
“Kozminski University gives me an opportunity not only
to meet new people but also to develop myself. My hobby is
swimming and at Kozminski I can devote to my passion
by training four times a week. It makes me satisfied!”

This is the way how a happy and satisfied student at Kozminski University in Warsaw looks like.
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Are you also studying in Warsaw? Share your experience with me!

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  1. Cool article Alicja :) it’s really interesting to see the opinions of students from different cultural backgrounds!

  2. Great job! Now people can read how cool is studying at Kozminski and how amazing is Warsaw :)

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