Kozminski Insider, Student Profile, Warsaw 16 feb 2016

Student’s profile – Agata Widomska


Hi everybody :) As a member of this blog I would like to tell you something about myself.

I was born and raised in Warsaw. I’m 20 years old and this is my first year as a student at Bachelor Program in Finance and Accounting. My dream was always to be an actress,but as you can see my plans have changed :D You never know,what would happen in your life! A few years ago I would not expect that I will study economics here at Kozminski University. I’m open and kinda crazy. I think I could even dance in the middle of the street without any scruples haha :D I love meeting new people,making them happy and gaining new experience in my life.

I really try to be active and help other people.
I was a volunteer (sheriff)  in “Odyseja Umysłu” (Odyssey of the mind competition ) when I was in high school. I was also helping at my school in many different events to gain money for WOŚP. Despite that I have been a cheerleader at Run Warsaw Event 2015 <that was so much fun>.

I am a proud member of KU New Media Club.

I really love sports. I tried many of them,in few i fell in love with :D
About 2 years ago I have decided to learn ice skating and it soon became one of my favourite winter sports. Don’t worry if something goes wrong and try even harder! :)


If it goes to summer sports I really love sailing (specially in Poland in region called “Mazury”,it’s very beautiful place full of lakes)


I also play tennis ( I started playing it in December 2011) right now I have a little break,but I would love to come back (anybody want’s to play? ;) )

If you want to know more about me feel free to contact me on:  a.i.widomska@gmail.com
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