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Student Profile – Oleh from Ukraine



One of our very own Kozminski University Ambassadors speaks about himself, his adventures in Poland and studying at Kozminski University.

Hello world!

Although I have written a little bit about myself before I would like to present myself again from more different angles and to tell you some interesting facts about my childhood.

All right, here we go!

I am studying on the Bachelor Program at Kozminki University and I enjoy every moment of staying out here. :) Kozminski University is the perfect place to combine studying with other interesting activities. Here you will find people all around the world and for sure new long-lasting friends which may be very crucial for your future business. Apart from that Warsaw is very beautiful city and Poland is a picturesque country with a lot of different interesting places.

A little bit about myself

As I have told before my home city is Lviv, where I have spent my childhood. Since a little boy I have tried myself in different sports and activities such as football, martial arts, Breakdance and many many others. All these sports developed me as a person and helped me to break down all my imaginative limits.

Furthermore, I really enjoy reading books. Every time I remind myself that I should try to read as much as possible. An important fact about books is that book is a part of an author himself and that is why reading may familiarize you with the hundreds of interesting ideas. If you would like me to write my books rating do not hesitate and send me an email (address below)

The third passion is traveling of course. Till this time, I have visited Wrocław, Kraków, Przemyśl, Rzeszów, Zakopane and many more. The more I travel the more I find Poland versatile and unique place. Every trip is a new adventure and a new challenge so I try not to sit on one place too long (In the picture is me standing near Morskie Oko not far from Zakopane)

So that’s all about my interests. If you have any other questions or you would like to hear some of mine recommendations, feel free to ask. My email is: oleh.md.matsko@gmail.com

I hope you will have great time at Kozminski University and see you someday, somewhere.

oleh 2

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  1. Damn man, I got no idea that you visited so many cities in Poland ^^

  2. That’s only the beginning;)
    Actually I bear in mynd a couple of new interesting places to visit.

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