Kozminski Insider, Student Profile 14 jun 2015

Student Profile – Mateusz Stępień


My name is Mateusz – in English it is called Matthew. I am Polish and I was born in Kielce – the city located in the south of Poland with beautiful landscapes of highlands, huge tradition and wonderful people. I decided to study at Kozminski University right after I have visited their website. It gave me enough knowledge about education level, people, events, opportunities, letters of credit and multicultural atmosphere to make quick decision. It turned out that my decision was not good… It was the best I could have made!


Till now it gave me one semester at University of Cyprus which was not only adventure but also the best language practice I could ever had, possibility to exchange cultural differences, study business topics thinking from the completely different perspective, living with people from all over the world.




What is more, thanks to Kozminski and their well-organized career office I had practice in one of the most powerful German institution in Poland, Polish-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Polska).




During three months of practice I have learned a lot about association between Polish and German economy. I was even an author of main article where I was comparing design to economy and conversely. I recommend everyone knowing German language to interest in this place not only for practice but even some internship or job in the future. After finishing that period of my life with fantastic results that you can find here:







I decided to go further with my career. I took part in the Boston Consulting Group “Student Support” recruitment.




Three weeks later I had had a mail where I was informed that I succeed first stage and they invite me for the second. Than I started to prepare for the second stage where I had to write for 3-hours exams of Excel, PowerPoint and data analysis. Finally it had been occurred that I passed. Since that time I made a lot of good and different work as well in Polish as in English and I had opportunity to work with the biggest banks in Poland. I feel that this practice developed generally all my business skills and it has realized me how people work in corporations. Even than I am proud to work for the best company in the world specializing in strategic planning for a multi business firms.


Few months after last event I was looking for new opportunities and experiences so I took part in Business Youth Poland recruitment.




Two weeks after sending them my business idea I was invited for the interview. Done! I have been qualify and ready to take part in 6-months workshops about:


  • design yourself & design your team
  • design thinking for entrepreneurs
  • creating business models
  • why lean start-up changes everything?
  • pitch – how to fascinate investor?
  • sale


At the same time I had my own mentor who was pushing me to realize concrete goals that we had estimated on the first meeting. It was very educational and important journey in my business carrier. I had met a lot of very interesting people. More important thing was that each of them was specializing in different subjects, of course connected to business start-ups. There were mainly people who provided their start-ups for at least one year. I was the only one who had a big idea, actually ideas but I had to concentrate only on the one of them what I did. Right there I have met a girl who was introducing “Kozminski TV” at my University. Check out some of the work on their YouTube channel!




After few meetings she asked me if I would like to take part in her project, Kozminski TV. What I did? Of course I decided to do it! After quick discussion we were both sure that I have to try my hands as presenter. It was actually next step in my career life, maybe not perfectly connected to the things that I wanted to do but maybe I would regret that I had passed with my destiny. Finally I had to focus on finishing my Bachelor’s Degree so someone has to replace my but I didn’t say that I am out. I can be still proud of the materials that I co-created:






After all, during my winter holidays in France I had a great idea. When I came back to Poland I was telling my friend about memories and one of them was… the idea. I couldn’t forget about it but on the other hand I treated it like tens of my other business ideas. I mean, alright, firstly I have to earn some money, than I will decide which one is the best and I will start do it. Not this time, my friend took me by the hand and than it started. For one month we found investor, company that will create our mobile app, we created logo and graphic design of our “baby”. Generally speaking, everything went as fast as TGV that I couldn’t see the end. Don’t think that I am sad because of it but it takes a lot of time and power. I hope that in two month I will be able to boast of my innovative, creative and primarily tasty application that will probably revolutionize our life paying special attention to food and interpersonal contact.




If you are interested in my life or work just take a look on my social media profiles. Out of my business I love design, music and photography that you can check out here:







Please do not hesitate to contact me!

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