Kozminski Insider, Student Profile 12 jul 2015

Student Profile – Letty


Hello, Bonjour, Konichiwa,
My full name is Laetitia, but everyone’s calling me Letty. I come from France.

I joined Kozminski University in September 2013 as Erasmus for my last year a bachelor.

I literally felt in love with Warsaw and I had an amazing year. Things were so easy, many people speak English and the staff of the school is super helpful.

Because of that, I decided to stay in Poland, in Kozminski University for my Master Degree. 2 more years to go in this great city, meeting new people and making great friends from every where in the world.

This school is giving us so much opportunities in terms of work and exchange that I couldn’t resist using both!

First the Career Office helped me finding an Internship in a multinational company Oriflame.
Then the Exchange Office helped me getting a semester abroad in a super short time in JAPAN!!!
Isn’t that AMAZING???!!!

I am now at the other side of the world, in Nagoya, Japan for 4 months and so far it has been an exceptional adventure. I visited places like Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto and I have so many trips planned in the coming weeks!

The school here – NUCB Nagoya – is also very impressive. The MBA courses can be very intense but it brings you a lot of practical knowledge.

So you got it, I love to travel



And to try new things


Feel free to contact me via email : laetitia.magniez@gmail.com or FB as Letty Magenta !

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