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Student Profile – Ankitha Nagaraj


A little about me:

What I love, not necessarily in the same order: meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, learning new language, coffee, music, long conversations in the middle of the night, nature, hikes, spontaneous road trips, mind boggling ideas, physics, philosophy, travelling, photography, any form of art and of course, singing.

Things that have had a major impact on me in the recent-ish past: Off the top of my head, Into the wild – book and the movie, Chris Guillebeau’s blogs, the whole music scene in Bangalore – the city where I spent most of my life so far, hippie sub culture, various local musicians and artists that I met in the last few years.

Here comes the interesting part, why am I here?

After spending my whole life in one country, couldn’t take the itch in my feet anymore, it was high time I explored the world. What better excuse than higher education ;) I wanted get a Master’s degree in Europe. Kozminski because, considering its accreditations and ranking and compared to its exorbitant counterparts and Poland’s rich culture, the decision was fairly easy. Honestly speaking, I thought as a vegetarian, who didn’t know a word in Polish, directionally as challenged as I am, I thought I won’t be able to stick around for a long time but I can’t believe how easy it has been. I got help everytime I got stuck. Got to admit, Poles are very polite, courteous and friendly. Met lots of people from various different countries and live with a bunch of those crazies :D It has been a delight so far and can’t wait to explore more places, meet more people, see what the world has to offer.

Do you want to know more about me? Ask me. Are you new here too? Share your experience. Leave a comment :)

Some of my pictures after I moved in here.



During the Krakow trip arranged by Prof Halina for ‘Polish Heritage and Culture’ students :)




Because I love this picture!



<Photo Credits goes to the legendary Adam Holzman, who took a picture of his dear fans at the end of an insane show, waiting forever in the cold to meet the band>



Original Post By Ankitha Nagaraj on June 7, 2015

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  1. Great post! You have interesing hobbies :)

  2. Thanks Daria =)

  3. It’ll be nice to go on a road trip again ;) The last one to Krakow was fun! :)

  4. May be before you leave Warsaw? :)

  5. We’ll plan one soon :)

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