Warsaw 29 may 2016

Soho Factory


An extraordinary place located in an ordinary area

Soho Factory is a place where you can find, basically, everything you need to chill and stay away from the bustle of the city. The old factory hides totally modern places with magical interior. The whole factory area is dedicated for the artist activity. Therefore, there are many cultural, fashion and lifestyle events happening there.
It is difficult to describe with words what you feel once you are there so you definitely have to go there!
If you ever went to Lisbon, you probably visited LX Factory – the concept of Soho Factory is very similar.

Photo taken from the Soho Factory Facebook page

IMG_8904The address is Mińska 25 (Praga district).
Find more information about Soho Factory HERE.IMG_8905
Once you are there you should DEFINITELY check the Museum of Neon
(opened Wednesday- Sunday; 12-17) 

Photo taken from the Facebook page: Warszawa Wschodnia by Mateusz Gessler

When you get hungry, I totally recommend you to go to the established restaurant where the chef is Mateusz Gessler – well-known not only in Poland but also internationally!
The restaurant is called: Warszawa Wschodnia by Mateusz Gessler.
The food they offer for lunch is different every day. However, it always tastes delicious and on the top of that, is not that expensive. Find more about it in this post: Top 3 restaurants for lunch.


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