Kozminski Insider 23 may 2015

Social Erasmus Days


How to make the world better by taking small actions.

Social Erasmus is all about involving international students in volunteer work. There are three main pillars that SocialErasmus takes care of:
->EnvironmentIMG_0287SocialErasmus section in cooperation with ESN Kozminski is doing some spectacular things. We are sure you remember our last events: International Santa Claus Day and writing letters for Amnesty International.

This time we organized an event that was lasting for two days (13-14th of May). On the first day we were selling cakes and cupcakes to help poor children. Money that we raised will be donated to the orphanage.


IMG_0312Our ESN & SocialErasmus members: Róża Cybulska and Alicja Tomasiewicz

The second day of our action was devoted to the rasism We created the anti-racist campaign by hanging the posters (done by our talented Jakub Zięba) all around the world. People who support our action were able to put their painted hands on the material. The work of art that we created, is a symbol of all the people who are against rasism.


Guys from the Students’ Council also approved this action!


Did you like it? Would you like to join SocialErasmus?

Contact our SocialErasmus coordinator Róża Cybulska for further information.


Together we can achieve more!

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  1. A great way to showcase the university as a culturally unified environment! :)

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