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Restaurant review – Kumpir House


I was recently recommended to visit this Turkish restaurant and no it’s not Kebab King! It is called Kumpir house. Kumpir is Turkish for baked potato. It is a huge (read, the size of a big fist) baked potato with various delicious fillings that includes cheese. Potato and cheese, what’s not to like! Being a student in Warsaw for 8 months now, I was surprised that I didn’t stumble upon this place earlier.

About the cafe:

It is more a cafe than a restaurant, really. It is a warm snug cafe with aesthetically tasteful interiors. It also has a nice alfresco arrangement during summer with a good view, as it is strategically located in the Old town.  The address is Krakowskie Przedmieście 59 and it is right next to Pl. Zamkowy 01 bus stop.

Another prespective of the outdoors of the cafe

Cafe outdoors

Cafe indoors

Cafe menu

The cafe serves two variations of Kumpir. One is basic for 12 zlotys and the other full for 20 zlotys. Basic comes with butter, cheese, yogurt and pepper. Full Kumpir comes with cheese, butter, pepper, creamy salad with fish, meat sauce and vegetables. Vegetables include olives, corn, cherry tomatoes, pickle, jalapenos, mexican beans, corn and peas. Oh, it is DELICIOUS!!!




Apart from kumpir, they also serve breakfast, soup and grilled sandwich with Panini bread. Alcoholic drinks and non alcoholic drinks. Hot chocolate, coffee, fruit juice and smoothies, wine and beer all for a reasonable price averaging around 10 to 15 zlots for everything. I did try Turkish coffee, man was it strong but really good! They also have a huge collection of various types of tea. Did I forget to mention dessert? They have cheese cake, brownie and meringue cake.





The staff is friendly and they speak good English which is a plus for non Poles like me.

For more pictures and information check out their well maintained Facebook page.

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Original Post By Ankitha Nagaraj on July 20, 2015

4 Responses to “Restaurant review – Kumpir House”

  1. Oh Yeah I have been to this place with friends and the food is really good :)

    The only thing I didn’t like at the time I’ve been there was the time we had to wait for our meal. It took them over half an hour for four potatoes :P And it was quite empty ;)

    Anyways the food was really good and worth to try :)

  2. @Ankitha Sounds like a good place for vegetarians like us :P :)

  3. Yep, it’s a cool place! Nice to sit outside as well. I even prefer the really basic Kumpir over the one with millions of toppings ;)

  4. Yes, I have been there. I didn’t know only baked potatoes could make up for a delicious palate. I enjoyed it :)

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