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Polish Cities: Names and pronouncing


Poland. Country of many different features. One of them is unfortunately extremely difficult language. If you want to come to visit us “Yes sir”, but if you want to talk in our language it is a big “Nope”. Grammar is not the easiest, vocab is confusing and some words have a couple of meanings. Today I would like to help some of you, who can’t force yourself to learn Polish pronunciation.

Polish cities names often are a source of confusion and they don’t help at all when it comes to tourism. Cause, how are you going to say “Rzeszów” or “Ciechocinek” with usage of English language?  With a bit of help from an old internet friend “reddit.com” (Original link in the description[1]) I found a map of Polish cities names written with English words and phrases. But to help you get a more specific look at this map here is a bit more specific list. Here are the biggest 10 Polish cities names converted to English phrases.

10) Katowice – Cat of Wits(e)

9) Lublin – Lube Lynn

8) Bydgoszcz – Bid Gosh

7) Szczecin – Shed Chin

6) Gdańsk – Good Dance-K

5) Poznań – Pose Nun

4) Wrocław – Wrote Suave

3) Łódź – Wodge

2) Kraków – Crack Cow

1) Warszawa – War Shaw Wa


Here you have both, the “translated” map and a standard Polish city map.



I hope I helped some of you guys and see you soon :)


    [1] https://www.reddit.com/domain/zetchilli.pl/

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  1. I love it! :) Good job dear

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