Guest blogging, Student Profile 26 apr 2015

Student Profile – Polina Bondarenko


In this post, I would like to tell you about myself a little bit more. City of my origin is Kiev which is located in Ukraine.

I’m totally into social media, following fashion and lifestyle bloggers and what I love more is travelling. Once I read a quote “Don’t spend your money on clothes. Spend your money on travelling. It doesn’t matter how old are your sneakers if you are walking in Paris”, so I believe that travelling is a very important part of my life.


When I was sure that I will study in Poland, I started looking for a University. Why did I choose Kozminski? From the very first moment I came into KU, the atmosphere of happy and friendly students impressed me a lot, after the presentation by one of the administrators I saw a lot of opportunities for me in the future – that is how I came up with idea to study Finance and Accounting at KU.


What surprised me a lot is the possible difference in ages of students who are studying in the same group. As a Ukrainian I was 16 years old while entering the University but at the same time in my group was a guy who was 24 at that moment. Another good thing is the  multicultural environment. Due to the international days at the University I had a chance to know more about Indian, Chinese and Italian cultures which are interesting to me. The last but not the least is the possibility to travel in Europe without opening other visas.

I am happy to know more about each of you, feel free to contact me via e-mail:

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  1. Proud to have such a friend of mine❤️ lots of love and kisses to you from London. See you soon, my little blogger ❤️

  2. I’ve missed you! Hopefully, I’ll see you during the Kozminalia!

  3. It’s awesome to me that Warsaw has such fascinating places to go out…) Museums, palaces and Old Town at all- have really excited me! Warsaw doesn’t let a student get bored:)

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