Warsaw 18 jan 2017

Networking | Let’s connect!


Life is all about meeting the right people.

#1 You never know who is the person you meet

Be nice and polite when you introduce yourself. Never ignore the other person. Try to smile.
Sounds simple? It is but trust me, many people forget about these basic rules.

Maybe THIS person will be your best friend/future boss/coworker…. who knows where the life takes us?

#2 How to connect | Student life


          1.  Join Student Associations like ESN, New Media Club or any other Science Club. 

  • Develop yourself
  • Learn new things
  • Improve your language
  • Meet great people


    2.  Join Buddy Programme

This is a project of ESN Kozminski aiming to help people arriving from all over  the world during their first weeks of stay. Find out more here -> Buddy Programme

  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Get some international friends
  • Improve your language skills
  • Take part in the events organized by ESN Kozminski


   3.  Join LinkedIn

  • Create your virtual resume on that amazing international platform.
  • Update your resume easily
  • Get some recommendations
  • Find a job anywhere in the world
  • Join international groups

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