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A wish list for my year


At the of 2016 year, I decided that I want to bring more emotions into my life, to fulfill my old goals and make my dream become true.
I have written a list , which is composed of 50 aims for being realized in 2016 year. Moreover, I promise to enrich my list within a year. There are various types of goals: extreme, personal, some really stupid and some which can really turn my life upside-down.
By the way, you will see everything by yourselves. The purpose of this post is not to boast of something, but to give myself an incentive to follow my plan and not to give up.

The list:

1. Make photos within 365 days
2. Gain in weight ✅
3. Try parachute jump
4. Try oysters✅
5. Milk a cow✅
6. Try myself in advertisement ✅
7. To walk with boombox and friends along the street
8. Walk for 50 kilometers in one day
9. Become more skillful in Photoshop/Videoshop✅
10. Score the sound track
11. Learn how to juggle
12. Get fit
13. Volunteer ✅
14. Be a blood donor
15. Hitch-hiking
16. Live a week without social network
17. Learn to drive a car
18. Try meditation ✅
19. Take part in tea ceremony
20. Bungee Jump
21. Try to be vegetarian for a week ✅
22. To share this list with friends✅
23. To travel in first class
24. Ride a gyro scooter✅
25. To watch Star Wards
26. To renew a old photo with friends ✅
27. To make a tasty cocktail
28. Go to Holi✅
29. Taste 3 exotic fruits
30. Fly a paper plane from a big height
31. Reach the top of Goverla✅
32. Visit 4 new countries
33. Go to Erasmus
34. Start to watch English movies ✅
35. Read an old forgot book ✅
36. Camping
37. Write a diary✅
38. Have a professional Video shooting✅
39. Visit a wonder of the world
40. Find a creative talent in myself
41. To do for a living✅
42. Each day drink 2 liters of water✅
43. Retake a computer science✅
44. To pass all exams ✅
45. Write a blog✅
46. Have a restriction on sweets ✅
47. Become self-confident and stop being afraid of smth
48. Try diving
49. To understand to real goal in life
50. Get rid of all health problems

As a half of a year has pasted, I have done almost a half of my year wish list. I hope you are still interested, thus I would describe some of done wishes.

The hardest and the most exiting point was #31 traveling to the top of Hoverla (the highest mountain in Ukraine). It was interesting and exhausting either. But a lovely company and self motivation helped me not to stop, and overcome the mountain. Advise everybody to come to Ukraine and challenge yourself . Moreover this trip was realized due to the other point – “Start to do for a living”.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The most extraordinary wish was #5 to milk a cow. With the help of my grandma, I was able to do this. Having arrived to the village, everybody was shocked with my wish, and even thought that it was a joke. But I put on grandma ridiculous clothes, acquaint with a cow Cherry and do my best, hence I got around a glass of milk.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Moreover, riding a gyro scooter #24 and Holi #28 were my old wishes. However, this year they become true.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Talking about volunteering #13, some old clothes and toys were collected and given to poor people or children who need our help. It is important to be generous and always try to give a hand to other human.

And the last one-point #26-to give a new breath to the old photo. I did it with mom and brother, and thus how it looks.

IMG_8540 IMG_8541

If you also want to learn how to meditate #18, I can suggest you a Headspace app.
I may state that it is wonderful to have so many dreams, and have opportunity to make dreams become true. 23 points from the list are already done, but I am planning to keep going.

Wish to have a dream, even small. And it will make you wake up in the morning.

in addition enjoy my other posts. 

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