Transports, Warsaw 06 mar 2015

Metro Line 2 – Never say Never!


Never say never: after ages of expectation and suspense, the second metro line of Warsaw should open its gates this weekend.

The line will go from Rondo Daszynskiego to Dworzec Wilenski.

Just for the pleasure of your eyes and because it is the only time when you will see them quite empty, we had the possibility to visit some stations.


Nowy Swiat – Uniwersytet station:


Swietokrzyska station:




7 Responses to “Metro Line 2 – Never say Never!”

  1. I know a lot of KU students will have it easier to come to school now :) Metro DW. Wilenski is just a few minutes from the Uni! :)

  2. Great pictures :)

  3. Thank you! I wish I had visited all the stations in pre-opening, they are all unique :)

  4. Pretty cool, looking forward to try it. Do you know anything about the trains? Do they have new ones?

  5. Trains are the same as far as I know.
    It is really time saving as you avoid all traffic jams and crowded tramways!

  6. Very good post! I already tried the metro line and now it is much comfortable to go to the center from the Dw. Wilenski!

  7. The opening of the east-west metro line has indeed given us a better access to various parts of Warsaw :)

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