Warsaw 20 may 2015

Mercedes-Benz Warsaw Fashion Weekend


Last weekend I attended the Warsaw Fashion Weekend. As you probably know, at events like this you can meet a lot of famous people! Unfortunately, I don’t know Polish celebrities but it was easy to recognise that this person is quite popular by hundreds of paparazzi  flashes.Photo 5-16-15, 18 34 02

The event took place at the Soho Factory, Warsaw’s exhibition place. From the very first sight, I saw a beautiful Mercedes which pointed out that the fashion shows will be luxurious. Everyone had a chance to sit there and to feel how comfortable the cars were. Photo 5-17-15, 22 13 06


Now, it’s time to tell you and show the most beautiful part of the event. I went there for the Saturdays evening shows and was quite impressed. That feeling when you are sitting on the first row, right near the runway, it was the best impression I got from the fashion event.

Here are the looks by famous Polish designers which I found really cool:

Dawid Woliński:IMG_5735 IMG_5879 IMG_5943


PPDC | Patrícia da Costa:IMG_5978IMG_6011

Dawid Tomaszewski:IMG_6099IMG_6161

Finally, I would like to say that it is hard just to describe this event. If you are a real fan of Haute Couture as I am, you  definitely should visit the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week/Weekend.


The fashion weekend took three days: 15-17 of May

Prices: for one evening pass (4 shows 18:00-21:00) – 60 PLN, for the VIP pass (20 shows 13:00-21:00) – 450 PLN

Don’t hesitate and feel free to comment all those looks in the post. Maybe you have any experience in events like this one? So share you impressions!

Photos: by Anna Glazunova for Dorohin’s Magazine.


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  1. It seems to be really amazing to be a part of this event!) Everything looks like in a top magazine’s cover..)

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