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Mandatory books to read to become a PRO in Photoshop


The internet is overloaded with information about Photoshop and its features. This article will make you more familiar with bestsellers in the graphical editor field.

As a studnet of Kozminski University I am interested in topics that suplemment my “formal” education, for example photoshop.

Some books, when it comes to photoshop,  were published a long time ago – int his case age isn’t the most important thing! In these books you will find guiding principles and basic image processing techniques, which have not change since the beginning of the Photoshop era. Of course, the interface has been changed drastically, also there are a number of new effects since 1988, selection of complex objects can become indecently simple but layers, curves and masks will remain in their place forever. photoshop tools bar First a few words about Scott Kelby. The President of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, chief editor and publisher at Photoshop User magazine, Technical Director at Photoshop World Conference & Expo, author of many best-selling books. Believe me, Scott has many more roles than those than are listed above. In 1993 he began publishing video tutorials as well as carry out his first training sessions of Photoshop. Scott Kelby – one of the most successful authors writing on the topic of shooting and processing digital photos. His guide written very logically, down to earth, clear, diluted with jokes. And I recommend to you to get acquainted with Photoshop with his books, dozens of which have been translated into many languages. photoshop effects This book was published in 2006, but has not lost its relevance! Inside this incredible book are most commonly used techniques to create imperishable advertising: selling pictures, movie posters, banners – all that we see around us a thousand times a day. The book has two huge pluses. Firstly, all actions that are performed in this book are written with simple and easy to understand language, which makes it completely universal for all versions of Photoshop. Secondly, it helps to achieve quick visible results that are so important for beginners. I Highly recommend this one!

Classic Photoshop Effects on Amazon

portrait retouch techniques

And immediately a second, but no less important book by Scott: “Retouch portraits with Photoshop”. The book describes the most simple, but effective methods/technics for improving or editing portrait photos. It is an extremely popular topic and it is covered most affordable way for you to take up the book without any serious skills.

Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques on Amazon

Now we will jump to another very cool author – Katrin Eismann. Katrin Eismann rightfully takes her place of honor of the informal «Photoshop Hall of Fame». Over the years, Katrin collaborated with many well-known companies in the world and has won universal recognition of her teaching. Katrin’s works are covers of specialized publications, moreover her techniques and methods are the reference point for many thousands held “photoshopers” all over the world.


The book is designed for users with average skills, that means that is time to handle more or less serious things, such as the allocation of translucent objects and the creation of complex transitions in the mask basis. The book is useful for in-depth dive into the Photoshop toolbox.

Photoshop Masking & Compositing on Amazon

The Guru of color theory. Knowledge of Dan Margulis is truly limitless. And he was willing to share them at training seminars, as well as on the pages of his books. By the way, printed books from him are very rare.  But when Dan’s book is on the shelve it means only one thing – you need to take it, without looking at the cover. The author writes on very complex topics, but makes it as understandable, as possible. His books have to be re-read several times to continually discover something new.


The “Bible” for professionals and printing industries. That says it all. The book has gone through five editions, the last of which came out in 2007. Dan reveals subtleties of color correction by numbers, makes numerous recommendations for retouching images in three basic color spaces and answers the most important questions of its readers. All this is difficult, but this is the highest level when it comes to photoshop.

Also, it would be highly appreciated if you can share the best books that are in your opinion the best that are not listed. Have fun with opening new horizons in digital photo processing.

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