Warsaw 11 jun 2015

Leisure time by the river


What to do in your free time in Warsaw?

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and the only thing that is missing is a beach, some water, a deckchair, your sunglasses and cocktail in your hand. Luckily, Warsaw can fulfill your dreams!
The perfect place for this activity is the beach on the both sides of the river . Students in Warsaw won’t get bored during the summer!

I would like to introduce you all of those places starting from the edge of the Wisła river located on the side where there is a district called Praga: 

This is a beach right opposite the Stadion Narodowy, under Poniatowski Bridge. It’s a place where you can bring your blanket and sunbathe. Intrested in barbecue or playing with Frisbee? Here you can do everything you wish!

Photo taken by Łukasz Oszczyk/Schodki nad Wisłą

Plażowa during the day

This is how they PARTY!

How to get there? Click here -> Wybrzeże Szczecińskie 1
Photos taken from the fanpage: Plażowa

  • La Playa

The best place to relax and talk over a pint of beer! There is also a special area for dancing. Those of you who like dancing salsa and samba I have good news – every weekend there is a beach party with such music!!! At first the dancers are teaching you how to do it and then there is your time to shine!

Chill zone

La Playa looks wonderful!

The party

La Playa is located on Wybrzeże Helskie 1/5  <- Click here for further info how to reach this place.
Photos taken from the official fanpage La Playa on Facebook

In between:

There is a special project called ‘H&M Loves Music Warsaw‘ taking place on Friday and Saturday nights. It is an event consisted of untypical concerts because the stars are performing  on the MOVING STAGE! It is sailing between Pomost 511 and Temat Rzeka (both of them are the night beach clubs located on two different edges of the river). The entrance is free.

The moving stage

Pomost 511

Pomost 511 offers you a place to play beach volleyball during the day

Temat Rzeka #chillout

Temat Rzeka invites you for the summer party!

Each photo was taken from Temat Rzeka and Pomost 511 fanpage.
Don’t know how to get there? Click on the links below:
Temat Rzeka
Pomost 511

Places on the other side of the river, close to Śródmieście:

  • Here we have the most famous STAIRS.

    I am not kidding –Schodki nad Wisłą (this is how we call them in Polish)- is a place where most young people spend their time. The reason why is that it is close to the Metro Kopernik station and it doesn’t  require of you to cross the river.

    Photo taken by Łukasz Oszczyk/Schodki nad Wisłą

    How to get there -> Click here

  • Hocki Klocki

    This is a place where you can come back to your childhood by taking part in creative competitions. You can also borrow here some gripping books and chill by lying on the hammock.
    Don’t worry – they didn’t forget about the PARTY so check their events’ schedule!

    Hocki Klocki at night

    The bar in Hocki Klocki

    Photos taken from their fanpage on facebook: Hocki Klocki/nad Wisłą.
    How to get there -> Click


  • BarKa

    It is a barge (a kind of ship) where you can experience the epic party!

    Have you ever been on that kind of party?

    Photo taken from the official fanpage BarKa.
    At the link below you can check where exactly is this place located.
    -> CLICK

    I hope that I convinced you to stay in Warsaw for the summertime. You do not even have to go far away to spend your holidays at the seaside, this magnificent city offers you everything.

    Students in Warsaw – there we GO this summer!!

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    See you all there!


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  1. Awesome post Alicja! Who wants to go to Italy or Spain if you can have the same beach feeling here in Warsaw ;) I love to hang out at the beach!

  2. Wow! The post is simply perfect!!! I adore Warsaw’s beaches but didn’t know that there so much, I need to explore all of them! By the way, at the moment La Playa is my favourite one :)

  3. Thank You for your wonderful suggestions Alicja! =) Seems like the beach is a great way to spend some free time

  4. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it! :)

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