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Breathtaking trip to Krakow


Don’t you know a lot about this city? Wieliczka, Auschwitz, Rynok Glówny- all these places are unknown to you, that’s why I recommend you to read this post!)

While everybody went home for a 5-day weekend, I decided to spend my free days in Krakow. It was my old dream, that’s why I decided to make my dreams come true.

First of all, talking about the train ticket, they are really cheap. It cost me 25 for a one-way ticket. You may find it here . The same prices are with the majority of cities in Europe, thus be free and explore new counties.

The second thing, that I had to predict was a hotel. I didn’t waste a lot of my time on finding it, because I only spent 3 nights there. My choice fell on Ibis budget hotel, which is situated near the railway station, it was really convenient. The price was neither big nor small, but the room was beautiful and good for short-term staying. The only cons of this hotel was the small variety of food for breakfast. Fortunately it’s not obligated to order breakfast at the hotel so you can just try some tasty food in other cafes.

A was lucky to visit some of them:

1. Charlotte. It is a French cafe with national food, such as croissants, salads, toast and desserts. If you don’t like to have an early morning, that’s OK Charlotte has breakfast all day.

2. Chłopskie jadło. It is a traditional Polish restaurant with tasty food. But it is unique with the plaits serving. For instance, you can try Zurek (a soup) in bread. Actually everything I had was tasty there, that’s why you should not be afraid to eat something new.

3. Pod Wawelem. It is one the most popular restaurants and it leads the top of the best restaurants in Krakow. Women in national clothes will welcome you, rooms are decorated in the Polish style. Moreover, I may recommend that you try the schnitzel with lemon, you will be shocked by its size. Almost all evenings have a band playing there to make the atmosphere cozier.

Of course, there are a lot of restaurants where you can go, but I was limited with time and could not visit more. Hence, take a risk and maybe then you will recommend some restaurants to me.


French restaurant Charlotte


Talking about some interesting and unique places, it would be better for you take a free tour around the city and main streets, to get acquainted with Krakow’s history. I recommend that you go around Rynek GlównyWawel and see the churches.

Rynek Glowny





Despite having only a 3 day trip, I decided to fill each minute, and so we went on a trip outside of the city, like as Auschwitz and Wieliczka.


Auschwitz, in Polish it is called Oświęcem, is a hard, exhausting place, but it is worth visiting. I don’t really like to put you in deep terrible thought about the history of this place. That goes without saying, that each person has to visit it by themselves to understand what enormous pain was made to people. In addition, there was an impressive phrase ” The person who doesn’t know the past, can be subjected to repeat it”. The phrase and the place in general put a big influence on me, so I hope that our generation understands, what kind of treatment was conducted there and we will never repeat it!!!




We will change to something more pleasant. The next place, which I visited, was Wieliczka. It is a deep salt cave, where you will be able to go for 70 floors down and see all this beauty. Honesty, I was made to go there, but you know what? I went bananas about Wieliczka. It is a magic, secret place, where you can feel yourself like a real miner.



Consequently, when you will have free time, give yourself an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful city Krakow! 

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