Kozminski Insider 22 feb 2016

Why studying in Kozminski is better than studying in Oxford


Here I present the reasons why studying in Kozminski is much better than in Oxford

Reason number one.

Leo. Everybody knows Leo. Everybody loves Leo. Does Oxford University have his Leo? Obviously not. At the same time Kozminski University has not just any lion, but a really fun Leo with sunglasses!! How cool is that? c8CgIEekfx4

Reason number two.

Warsaw. Big city with two underground lines, which is located in the centre of Europe. Oxford is not even a capital located somewhere far away, guys why bother going there? (for more info on fun stuff to do around Warsaw click here.)

Reason number three.

Modesty. Ralph Emerson once said: “A great man is always willing to be little.” Oxford University obviously sounds too posh, whereas Kozminski – not too posh and good enough at the same time. Perfect place for great and modest men!! So if you are great and modest, Kozminski is certainly for you.

Reason number four.

Age. Oxford University is waaay too old. Who knows what may happen if the ghosts or mummies of the dead teachers decide to return to the university?

Reason number five.

Color. The official color of Oxford University is Oxford blue, which is very dark and boring. And now look at nice and positive ship of Kozminski! It is also blue, but so much brighter! It has been proved by scientists that this color helps to restore the nervous system, extinguishes emotions, reduces blood pressure. Whenever you feel ill, just look at the logo of the Kozminski and no doctors will be needed!!



Reason number six.

The name. Kozminski sounds aristocratic and nice. Oxford is too short and rough. What is more, you can easily confuse it with botfort or “Ex-ford” (sth “ex” is never good). They could’ve named the University Oxfordinski at least… I could go on for much longer, but I believe that it is already absolutely obvious that Oxford doesn’t even have a chance to compete with Kozminski.

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2 Responses to “Why studying in Kozminski is better than studying in Oxford”

  1. We love our University! It is a great post! )

  2. Now I clearly know that not going to Oxford was a good choice :D

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