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Guest blogging, Kozminski Insider 21 apr 2016

Kozminski Students Attend START Summit In St.Gallen And Launch START Warsaw


Kozminski University has always been renowned as one of the most entrepreneurial University’s in Poland, with a long tradition of supporting entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem. This spring a series of events further connected Kozminski University with top business hubs in Europe: the visit of its students to START Summit in the city of St.Gallen, and the founding of START Warsaw.

START Summit is the largest student startup conference in Europe, which gathered this year 1500 students, startups and corporations in the city of St.Gallen, Switzerland. The speakers of the conference were among others COO of Hyperloop Bibop Gresta, futurist of Singularity University Jose Luiz Cordiego, Managing Director of German venture-builder Rocket Internet Alexander Kudlich. The agenda consisted of workshops, open lectures, startup pitches, and opportunities to apply for jobs in leading companies.

start warsaw kozminski

Kozminski University was among 16 universities in Europe which had their official ambassador of START Summit. That made possible bringing a group of 18 students as a part of Warsaw delegation consisting of 32 members for the conference. Other half of the delegation constituted students of Polish-Japanese University Of Technology, which has created some strong ties between the communities of the institutions.

The two-day START Summit was a lot of learning, building connections, and fun!

The event was inspiring, so inspiring that after coming back we all decided to launch a brand new organization with a great ambition to consolidate student community around entrepreneurship – START Warsaw. It is going to be the first chapter in CEE of STARTglobal – largest student startup European organization which is active now in largest hubs like Berlin, Munich, St.Gallen, Lausanne.

START Warsaw is developing fast, and very soon you will hear about our first events!

start warsaw

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