Poland 21 dec 2015

Joyeux Noel!


Each of us have different traditions for Christmas, let me tell you about mine! 

In my family, Christmas tradition is very important. This is the moment of the year when we all gather together. It’s placed under signs of festivity, joy and sharing. 

December 1st is the kicking start. All children will receive, or they choose in advance, their Christmas calendar, from which they will open a window each day of December until they open the door house on 24th. Here are some that my family have this year:

Kids write their Santa letter saying that they have been very calm that they didn’t prank anyone and that they had good grades at school. And of course they add pictures and descriptions of the gifts they wish to receive. They can also draw or write a poem for Santa (by the way, we say Pere Noel, translated “Father Christmas”, and not “Santa”).

Christmas decorations and Christmas tree will usually be settle in mid-December or later if you take a real tree. Here we have a special tradition in my house: our Christmas tree decorations change colors every year. Here they were blue and gold!

le sapin2014 001

 Meanwhile we use other decorations for the rest of the house. Every member of the family should take part in the tree and house decorations while we listen to Christmas songs. Most of Christian families will also set up a Christmas crib representing Jesus Christ birth scene.

We usually meet on 24th in one of the family member’s house, and help prepared the last details for the Eve. We then enjoy a great dinner based either on meat either on Sea food.  Before going to bed, children prepare a plate with cookies and a glass of milk for Santa, sometimes grown wheat for Santa’s dears. They also put a pair of shoes down Christmas tree to help Santa distributing gifts.
During the night, Santas come in, eat and drink, and place gifts near the shoes.
Next morning, children wake up extremely early since they are impatient of opening their presents. But they have to wait for EVERYONE to be up to start! They look at gifts, shapes, colors and all to try to guess. Then they youngest are asked to distribute some gifts to everyone and finally they can open them up.  It’s a true exercise of patience for them.
The day goes on with great food and convivial moments. The family is usually pretty sad to leave in the evening, however as France as many separated parents and blended families, it is usual to leave earlier to go celebrate with other beloved relatives. 

Unlike Poland, our traditional meals would be: oysters, salmon and lambs for sea food; Foie gras and Turkey for meat and traditional Christmas desserts:DSCN0693


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great time with your families!

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