Kozminski Insider 14 mar 2015

International Santa Claus


ESN Kozminski & Kozminski International Business School & International Relations Office were proud and happy to invite us all to the INTERNATIONAL SANTA CLAUS event !!!!!

The event took place on the 8th of December (Monday) in the Atrium (building D) from 10 am till 2 pm.

From 10 am until 2 pm, there were presentations of different destinations for study exchange and international internships and the promotion of ESN and the Buddy Program.
Then, at 11:45 am Santa Claus came and gave out small gifts. There was also a gingerbread painting competition.

The key attraction of this event was the dates auction for Charity!
During the long break took place an exceptional auction that you can’t find anywhere else. KU students had an opportunity to buy a date with someone presented during the auction. Plus the money from auction was spent to help poor kids in one of the schools outside of Warsaw.

Laurence, a student in the Masters program here at KU gave us her impressions: “Taking part in the auction date. What a story! At the beginning I was enthusiastic and excited by this idea; I was taking part to a charity action, for children, which is a cause I’m very sensitive about, since I used to be volunteer in France for some children associations, defending their rights, education and so on. But I was also excited and intrigued by being “sold” for a date.. What was I suppose to say about me to make me attractive? Oh.. This reminds me of some job interviews.. It was quite the same right? But shorter and more informal – no need to mention my SAP skills or my previous experiences right?!- And no need to talk about my faults my date will discover it during the date! Well here we are, on Monday, few minutes before the event.. Be a brave girl! Someone will buy you! I tried to arrive discreetly ’cause I’m late, and joined my flatmate in the line.. It didn’t work since I heard Manuel and Michelangelo called my name in first.. Damn! Well.. this was a short and awkward moment.. In front of everyone, looking at these people staring back at you.. They are everywhere in the Atrium but also up in the stairs..Please raise your hand, don’t leave me alone! … Ah finally, one hand, a second one, nice! Okay I’m cool with that, I want to go back to my anonymity! Well, finally it was a cool experience.. Let’s see about the date itself.. I’ve heard that we are going to a sushi restaurant on Wednesday evening, so cool! Ahahaa I see you gossiping about the following but that is another story”.

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