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International Christmas #Portugal


Get to know some portuguese traditions and habits.

As long as I am doing my Erasmus exchange in Lisbon right now, I decided to stay for Christmas and spend this charming here. In different areas, the traditions can vary a bit so I would like to tell you about celebration in Lisbon. Obviously there are some similarities and differences between  Portugal and Poland so just let me introduce you the way Christmas is celebrated here.


At first I thought that it would pretty sad without snow but apparently it is still magic, even if there are 17 degrees outside and you are wearing t-shirt.

Praça do Comércio



Don’t expect 12 dishes on the table or sharing the wafer. Be aware that portuguese people celebrate only the 24th of December till the late night hours and obviously 25th of December.


The main dish is Bacalhau – boiled cod served with winter cabbage and boiled potatos.  I know that in the north of Portugal it is also very common to eat octopus.

Bacalhau de Natal


SWEET XMAS  – this is the name I created because there is variety of sweet bakings on the table so basically everyone will find something for themselves. To the most famous belong: sonhos, rabanadas (this is a toasted bread with cinnamon!) and filhoses. YUMMY!


From the bottom: sonhos, above: rabanadas, on the left: filhoses

PRÉSEPIO – Nativity scene

Portuguese people not only decorate their trees but there is also a tradition of building presépio at home – Nativity scene. However, the Jesus can be put inside only after midnight of the 24th.

Missa do Galo – Midnight Mess

The Portuguese are mostly Catholic, therefore they really celebrate the birth of Jesus. That is why Missa do Galo – Midgniht Mess is one of the most important things to do!  I can’t wait to go and sing portuguese carols!



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  1. Wow! Thanks for this post, it’s really great to discover other coutries tradition. In fact 17*C in December? I wish I could spend Christmas in that warm weather :)

  2. Thank you Daria! :) Oh yes, it’s really warm, it’s hard to believe that they celebrate Christmas without any snow!

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