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‘I felt the ground shaking’


Education is a human right which ought to be accessible to everyone, without any discrimination. All children must be able to go to school, and thereby benefit from the same opportunities to build a future.



The April 2015 Nepal earthquake killed over 9,000 people and injured more than 23,000. Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless with entire villages flattened, across many districts of the country. According to the report from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs published on reliefweb.int, Sindhupalchok is one of the worst-affected districts as a result of the earthquake. According to district authorities 63,885 houses are severely and 2,751 houses are moderately damaged. The schools were destroyed.


Photo credit: www.ctvnews.ca/canada/canada-pledges-200-more-military-members-to-nepal-earthquaimage


Tomoo Hozumi, UNICEF’s Representative in Nepal, said: “Children affected by the earthquake need urgent life-saving assistance like clean water and shelter. But schools in emergencies – even in a temporary setup – play a vital role too. They minimise disruption to children’s education, protect them from exploitation and abuse, and provide them with messages to keep them safe and healthy. Going to school also allows children to regain a vital sense of routine that can help them come to terms with their experiences.”



The biggest issue here is that everyone can help and give an opportunity to those children to have a better life. The school as a building is even less important for these people, but the feeling that they are not alone, that their children have a chance in this life, that other people understand that they are not able to fix everything on their own.


Kozminski University organize a pool of  a fundraising events starting  From November 21st until December 1st. You can help with fundraising in several ways: firstly, we invite you to the Atrium. From November 21 you will find some stunning images by artists: Marta Grzegorek and Marcin Rogal (our student). Each of these paintings represents real help for children of Nepalese schools.

acja nepal

It is also worth mentioning that we will be auctioning off two training courses with a value of 1450 PLN and 2400 PLN – for only 500 PLN and 1000 PLN! In addition, on the 25th of November you will have an option to buy delicious baked goods which are made by the Kozminski emploees and donate some money for the school. For more information, please viset the Facebook event (www.facebook.com/events/882896298475472/ ).


Please remember, than no matter how big will be your input, it may change someone’s’ life!

Note: The citation ‘I felt the ground shaking’ is the name of a short movie made by UNICEF , which you can check on www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4P64KrBAhE.


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