Warsaw 07 jun 2016

How to start writing your THESIS


No matter if you fight for your Bachelor Degree or Master Degree… After some time you finally need to start writing your thesis.

And here is where you no longer know what to do besides panicking. CALM DOWN – I’ll show you the ropes.


  1. Choose a TOPIC.

Simple but not easy. It’s an essential part. The faster you choose it, the better. Proceeding to next step if you don’t have a topic is pointless and it is a waste of time. On the other side: when you know exactly the area you want to write about but you don’t know what materials are available… Then skip this tip!



Do not start writing before checkin in your library. Your thesis needs to be based on books, websites and data. You need to be sure that you have full access to all materials you will need. Writing a bibliography before finishing is also a good thing, so you can always have a list with all books you needed.


3. Make a PLAN.

We are in a business school so we know that strategy is the key, right? Also I bet you will take breaks from writing thesis so it’s good to know what you should write next when you come back after a while. It’s also a great idea to make a schedule of a project – set yourself some deadlines. I also recommend to stick up to them. But I can’t tell you how it feels like cause I never managed to do it…



4. Be reasonable with your Time management.

No, 2 hours will not be enough. Be honest: you need breaks for coffee, for facebook, blah blah blah. I recommend to plan writing your thesis for one whole day, or even the whole weekend. You will focus on one thing and nothing will distract you. Your work will be more efficient :)


5. Find some partners in crime or… don’t tell anybody where you are!

After few years of exam sessions you should know if teamwork is good for you. If you have a friend who can motivate you to just sit and write – that’s great. If most of your friends just love to gossip all the time and love to procrastinate – you’d better leave them for party time. If interacting with people distract you from your goal, you’d better turn off your phone when you are in your working phase.


6. Find a PLACE.

Some people are able to work only in their own flats: bed or desk. Others like the peace of libraries or the noise of caffeteria. Find your own place to write your thesis.


7. Do not forget to SAVE!

You wrote 10 pages straight and suddenly… CRAP! Only one advice: SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE THE FILE!





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