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How to spend a nice Sunday in Warsaw if you have only 5 zlotys


Good to know! :)


5 zlotys will probably not be enough to have a luxurious dinner at a restaurant, but you will certainly survive if you follow my instructions:

1) If you feel thirsty, go to a bank or to a some kind of office building. They usually have nice bottles with water there. If someone starts to ask you stupid questions (for example: “how can I help you?”), just make a clever face and drink your water. Then leave.
2) Go to Carrefour, biedronka and other supermarkets. They often give free samples of food. Don’t be shy, take as much as you can.
3) If eating free samples is not enough for you, you can buy a tasty hotdog at Carrefour for 1,50.  It is even cheaper in IKEA- 1 zloty.
4) Eat free Polish apples (you can find them in some universities, dormitories, etc.)


1) Lots of museums in Warsaw have free days. For instance, you can visit State Archaeological Museum (Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne) or Warsaw Rising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego) on Sundays and you don’t have to pay a penny.
2) Go to Lazienki. This is a very beautiful park, which is certainly worth visiting. If you have some nuts, you can share them with squirrels, who live in this picturesque place.
3) Use a free visit to Jatomi fitness

4) Visit a Catholic church. Sometimes they have nice organ concerts, which is great for those who love classical music.
5) Take part in a free tour


Łazienki – Famous Warsaw Park


Transport in Warsaw is not too expensive (3,40 zlotys for a 20-minute ticket if you don’t have a  student id), but in order to be really economical use your legs :)


If you follow our wonderful instructions you will spend a nice Sunday and still have 3 zlotys to save for the next weekend ;) (supposing you bought two hotdogs at IKEA).

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