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How to fail your exam at Kozminski University


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Everyone knows how hard it is to fail your exam if you really want to. Here are some wonderful ways to do it properly.

1) DO NOT STUDY!! This is the most important thing. As we all know, practice makes perfect. And perfect is something that you don’t wanna be if you decide to fail your exam. Under no circumstances should you start to study! Remember that there is always something better to do. The nightlife in Warsaw is pretty good, there are lots of pubs and clubs. If you are not interested in the nightlife, you can stay at home and watch some movies with popcorn. If this is still not good enough, you can just sit on the sofa and do nothing, which is also pretty interesting. However, if you are still willing to study, try doing several things at once. Studying and chatting with your friends on facebook at the same time is a wonderful idea.



2) DO CHEAT. Teachers love to fail students who cheat. Unfortunately, there is still  a certain possibility that you can pass your exam, so be careful here. Make sure your teacher sees that you are cheating.

3) BE CREATIVE. There is no perfect way to fail your exam, but as long as you are creative enough, cool ideas are going to come to your head. For example, why don’t you draw a unicorn instead of answering a question?



4) If you have an oral exam, TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE SUBJECT. I am sure your examiner will be more than happy to learn about the health of your grandma and the sandwiches you ate last week.

5) Last but not least – DON’T WORRY. It might seem a little difficult to fail your exam properly, but if you really want to fail it, you will do it!

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  1. ahahahahah point 3,definitely me :D

  2. haha thats funny! great idea :)

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