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Holi-Safety Tips


As you get splashed with colors [chemical-content], it is necessary that you take necessary precautionary measures to keep your skin protected. Here are the tips.

1.Wear clothes (old and ragged) that can be discarded immediately after the occasion. Or you can also choose to wear dark colored attires.

2.Try to wear full-sleeved attire as that protects your skin to the maximum.

3.It is impossible to protect your face from colors when you are being ,hence try to close your eyes and lips as tightly as  possible.Use lukewarm water to rinse your face after the celebration. Also make use of good cleansing milk.

4.Apply a thick layer of coconut oil (or any oil) to your body as well as hair. The oily layer protects your skin from the harmful effects of chemical colors.

5.If herbal colors are available, then well and good. If not, keep a note of these tips and have a wonderful celebration! :)

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