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Halloween in Warsaw – Spooky and international 3:)


Autumn – season of falling leaves, pumpkins, spiced lattes and long rainy evenings. Halloween is coming in a less than a week time and I am here to tell you what Warsaw has to offer in upcoming days.


As most of western holidays, Halloween is still quite foreign to Polish culture. Adaptation however goes smoother and smoother with every year, so getting a costume, a pumpkin-themed gadgets or an extra-large bag of sweets is not a big stretch anymore. Clubs, pubs, cafes and other recreational places are more than prepared for your Halloween-cravings. Let’s start with all of the international parties:

“Warsaw biggest International Halloween party” in the “Blue Cactus” – on 28th of October. Free for all Warsaw Social members is probably the biggest international free Halloween themed event this year in Warsaw. Featuring such attractions as Halloween games :pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples and fancy costumes competition is probably a place to be. For more info, click away

“Halloween Party at Willa Matrix” in “Willa Matrix” – on 31st of October. Another international event, this time based on the Erasmus community. While a ticket for this event cost 25zł, you actually will attend a party in a real mansion. An event is advertised as a  party featuring : A welcome drink, fun drinking games, good music, pumpkin carving, snacks and many more. If you are interested click HERE!

“Erasmus Halloween Party” – on 31st of October. Last on this list is an event co-organized by our partners in crime – the ESN Kozminski office. Tickets available for just 10zł at ESN offices and 15zł on entrance. Taking place in ROOM13 CLUB at Mazowiecka street this party is really a place to be. Photo Booth, costume competitions and special drinks are just some of the features of this great event. For more information click HERE

 For a more sophisticated approach to Halloween you can try going to cinema for some supreme British acting. Because of Halloween you can see play : “Frankenstein” on 31st of October (Polish subtitles original audio) with Benedict Cumberbatch on the big screen in MultiKino.  If you are a student ticket will cost you only 32zł so book your tickets now. Link HERE (webpage unfortunately only in Polish)


If you haven’t prepared your costume yet, don’t worry. You can buy legitimate costumes and accessories in big galleries like Sadyba, Złote Tarasy and Arkadia. You can find anything from fake blood to whole costumes, so don’t be lazy and make yourself scary this year…

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Happy/Spooky Halloween 3;)

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